Author’s Bio


Dr. Trevi Pershay is a wife, mother, sister, Pastor, motivator, a community activist for youth, student, and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Trevi grew up in one of the toughest New York Housing Projects in East New York, Brooklyn’s, called Louis H. Pink Houses (a.k.a Pink Houses). In November 2022, Trevi received her Doctorate Degree in Christian Leadership and Business from Exousia University.

The NYC Housing Projects taught Dr. Trevi how to survive in the chaos that surrounded her and most importantly it taught her how to fight. The NYC Housing Projects have a way of making warriors out of people who are generally not looking for a fight. Growing up in the projects, I’ve learned how to fight to stay in the game, the goal was to stay on top. God had given me an incredible zest for life and I was going to embrace it.


Dr. Trevi grew up an entertainer (dancer) and she never thought that she would ever write a book. Until pain made an entrance in her life. Dr. Trevi was molested at age 7 by her female babysitter, then at 8 by a close family friend and at 19 she experienced her first rape. Dr. Trevi loved to share funny or scary stories with her cousins, but she never shared the story of that shame. One day Trevi’s college professor encourage her to write and there she began to take writing courses in college. Dr. Trevi was able to release her pain by writing plays and sharing her stories to help others get through their pain. Dr.  Trevi turned her pain into power and took the pen and made it her writing wand.


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